Trust Fields Loss Consultants with Handling Your Fire Adjustment


Do not be inclined to believe that your insurance company is going to handle your claim in the best way on your behalf. Only Fields Chicago fire adjusters that have been retained by you are going to put your personal interests first and foremost which is why it is so imperative to hire representation should your home be damaged by fire or smoke. The truth is that your insurance company is going to put their own needs first. They will work at their own pace in preparing and filing your claim and they will not lose one night of sleep over the delay in processing your claim. However, if you retain the services of claims adjusters that are hired to work on your behalf, you will have your own personal representative trying to make sure that your claim is processed as quickly as possible. Fire adjusters know what needs to be done to hurry the process of getting you back in your home accomplished. They will know every step that must be completed to get you one step closer to getting back in your home and returning to life as you knew it before the fire. While your insurance company knows what must be done to get you back in your home they are in no hurry to do it, especially if it will cost them more money to get it done sooner rather than later. And your insurance company will also extend the amount of time taken to negotiate your claim with the hope that you will be in a hurry to have the claim processed through and that you will give up arbitration when they hold up the process. Having an independent agent on your side that knows the stalling tactics that are employed by insurance company to delay your claim will work to your advantage. The only person that you can trust to work as your advocate after a fire damages your home is a person that you hire explicitly to represent your own interests. No matter what your policy does and does not cover you won’t have to deal with the run around that your insurance company is going to give you in the processing and execution of your claim. Seek out your own representation and you will be much more satisfied with the time frame in which your claim is processed and by the level of urgency that your insurance company devotes to processing and executing your claim.