Fields Insurance Services, Inc

Fields Insurance Services, Inc is your advocate in preparing, presenting, and negotiating your first party insurance claim with your insurance company.


Fields Insurance Services will prepare and submit your first claim draft to your insurance company within seven days from our retention. Trust Fields to protect your interest and get someone in your court.


The key to preparing for the final events related to your loss is the actual construction and rehabilitation phase. Read more

Sanitary Engineering

Any event is capable of generating consequential loss conditions that affect air quality, mold, chemical reactions, toxic discharges, or harmful conditions that before the loss were benign Read more

Inventory and Salvage

Immediate attention is given to salvage related losses to establish inventory operations, for salvage and refuse removal, and to digitally document the inventory. Read more

Mitigation and Restoration

Loss also takes place involving items such as furniture, equipment, machinery, clothing, stock, inventory, electronics, documents, and more.The immediate attention in addition to replacement is also directed toward the stabilization of any of these components. Read more

Time Value Losses

You have had a loss and time has gone by where you have been displaced. You may have been unable to collect rents, not able to produce product for market, been unable to deliver sold products, you may need to reconstruct your books and records or you have sustained a loss of income. Read more

Meet Our Team

Sam Fields

Sam has been a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster for 8 years, while his family's company has been adjusting claims for the last 40 years.

Stephen Fields

Stephen has over 40 years experience as a licensed Public Adjuster in Illinois. As a loss consultant he helps to maximize the insurance claims of the public and ensure their full recovery after a loss.

Michael Delrahim

Michael is the managing Partner of Brown, Udell, Pomerantz & Delrahim, Ltd. He represents a broad range of clients including publicly- traded and privately- held corporations and partnerships in real estate development matters